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Professional Floor Cleaning

Complete Floor Care, Portland, Oregon

If your floors had a motto, it might be, “The Dirt Stops Here.” Whether your place of business has hard floors, carpet or both, you’re sure to need regular commercial floor cleaning to keep your workplace looking its best.

Carpet Care and Cleaning

Commercial carpet cleaning should include daily, or at least frequent, vacuuming plus periodic deep carpet cleaning. Sure, regular vacuuming keeps carpet looking and smelling fresh, but there’s another benefit as well. Proper carpet care will greatly extend the useful life of your carpeted floors.

Myles O’Donnell & Company can take care of all your carpet cleaning needs. Our highly trained technicians use modern, high-quality equipment for vacuuming, spot-cleaning and periodic deep cleaning of every carpet type. Our Portland-area carpet cleaning services will keep your place of business looking its best.

Hard Floor Cleaning

Hard floors of various materials may need different types of care. Whether your location has tile, wood, sealed concrete or any other flooring material, we’ve got your cleaning needs covered. Myles O’Donnell & Company has decades of experience cleaning every type of flooring. We use the finest, eco-friendly cleaning products and take pride in leaving your hard floors spotless.

Commercial Floor Waxing

Waxing and polishing will protect as well as beautify a floor. Myles O’Donnell & Company recommends periodic floor waxing as a cost-effective way to maintain your flooring and extend its life.
We’ve been providing businesses in the greater Portland area with floor care services since 1949. With our high quality equipment and methods, we’ll beautify and protect your floors. We can deliver your choice of mirror shine or a subtle matte finish.

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Professional Floor Cleaning

Make sure the dirt stops at your door.

We have used Myles O’Donnell for several years and found them to be reliable, responsive and diligent in keeping our office looking stunning.