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Celebrating 75 years with a look back at some old photos from the 1950’s!

Check out some of these old photos we’ve hung on to from way way back in the day! Seen above is our old office on Water Ave. in Portland, Oregon in 1957. Below that is a look at our old laundry facilities.

To the right here is the old original card-stock template used for screen printing onto newspapers/advertisements. The top strip appears to have fallen off but the rest is fairly well-preserved. Here we were advertising night-time window cleaning and wall washing with an emphasis on privacy for tenants. One interesting detail is our old format phone number at the bottom – AT 0810. It’s been quite a while since phone numbers were so short!


5 comic book style panels of a beaver window cleaning

To the left here we have some more artwork that would have been used in various advertisements. These were from around the same time as the above template as you can see a continued focus on tenant privacy.

A careless wall washer bonks an unsuspecting passerby, another opens a window and lets in a draft, scattering papers around, and a very nosy window cleaner creeps out a patient and doctor. We assume these were used to differentiate us from the competition, to show things that WONT happen when you use us at night.









Seen here is a photo of the side parking lot on our old office on Water Ave. And below a close-up of a few of our old vehicles.

As we continue to celebrate our 75th year in business, we just wanted to take a moment to share some of these interesting old pictures of our enduring legacy. We once again want to thank YOU the community for all of your support over the years. If you enjoyed these pictures, consider giving us a follow over on on Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube, and Instagram

Stay tuned for more!