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We know we keep talking about window cleaning, but we just can’t stand to look out into the world through a streaky, dirty, spattered window. Especially because with Myles O’Donnell & Co.to do the cleaning, your windows, whether you live in a house, townhouse, condo, or apartment can always be clear and beautiful.

Windows in today’s homes often have the ability to be tilted in or easily removed from the inside for homeowners to keep them clean easily, but in many cases only the bottom half is removable. For the top half, you have to lean out awkwardly, squeegee or cloth in one hand, window cleaner in the other, and try to reach every inch of the pane. Not only is this not efficient, it can also be dangerous. No one should be hanging out of the window!

If you live in a townhouse, condo, or apartment there are sometimes a few windows that don’t open at all. Yes, it is cheaper to put in windows that don’t open and developers have been known to take advantage of a more inexpensive building option.

We should also mention screens. Window screens must be removed to access the glass on the outside. If you’ve ever removed screens yourself, you know that they can be a bit fragile with tiny plastic flaps that easily break, metal frames that easily bend, and a collection of dirt and grime that makes you question the air you breathe. For a truly clean window, those screens should also be washed. Now you just doubled the work you have to do and why? Just call in the experts at Myles O’Donnell & Co.

Our window cleaning services are exceptional. Unlike some companies, we don’t rely on power washing, but carefully clean each pane by hand. We start with an inspection of the entire window and alert you to any cracks or flaws that could turn into leaks. Next, we gently remove the screens and give them a thorough cleaning, paying attention to not just getting the dirt off the screen but also making sure the framing is dirt-free and in good condition. With the screen out, there’s clear access to the window frame so our people can clear out the dust, dirt, and dead bugs that seem to accumulate in the crevices. We leave no part of your window untouched, yet leave behind no telltale fingerprints. Don’t believe us? Check out this video:


When we’re talking about window cleaning, we also have to talk about safety and efficiency. You could clean your windows yourself, but that will probably entail climbing a ladder. How steady is your ladder and how steady are you on that ladder? Now add the correct equipment, an effective cleaner, a squeegee, and a cloth. Are you still ok on that ladder? Our window cleaners do this every day and have learned tricks of the trade and gone through safety training to ensure they are safe and can get the job done right.

Because we do have so much experience, we can also get all your windows cleaned quickly, meaning we are the perfect company to hire if you have more than one property. We are happy to work with property managers to schedule regular cleaning. Clean windows not only keep your customers happy but also ensure your homes are always looking their best for prospective owners or tenants. Dirty windows reflect uncaring management. Plus the last thing you want is someone in your condo getting hurt trying to wash their own windows.

If you are tired of looking out at the world through a gray haze, schedule your window cleaning with Myles O’Donnell & Co. We can do a one-time cleaning, or we can set up a calendar for more regular visits to ensure your windows always sparkle. Contact us today.