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School’s out for the summer and those places kids gather over vacation have started to look a little worse for wear by August. The community center where basketballs are bounced, crafts are constructed, and games are played, or the theater that holds summer camps and plays, even local gyms, have taken a beating. Now is the time to call Myles O’Donnell & Co. for a professional deep clean, and then schedule another one for after the leaves start to turn and school’s back in session.

All those running feet can take the shine off your floors. We can return the luster to your floors, whether carpet or concrete. Our complete carpet cleaning will rid those carpet fibers of allergens and pollutants that are unhealthy to breathe and debris that can tear down the fabric and cause worn spots. Regular vacuuming only goes so far in keeping away the dirt. Schedule carpet cleaning at least twice a year to remove dirt, stains, and all that dust that blows in during the dry season.

If you have hard floors, consider our floor waxing services to renew the shine and extend the life of your floors. We clean and polish so scratches, marks, and dings are removed, and all those sticky spots from spills are whisked away.

Moving up from the floors, we’ll tackle furniture, lockers, cabinets, and any surface in your community space that collects dust, fingerprints, and germs. Have a stock of gym equipment, games, books, or other playthings? No area will be left untouched by Myles O’Donnell & Co.’s well-trained team. And because we use only eco-friendly products, every swipe of a rag, sponge, or mop will leave only germ-free clean behind.

And can we take a moment to talk about restrooms, which are often the dirtiest place in a building? A bathroom that’s not clean is not only unpleasant, but it’s unhygienic. Bacteria and viruses lurk in unsanitized restrooms and can escape to other parts of the building if left unchecked. Don’t let the germs out. Our restroom cleaning service team will completely clean and sanitize restrooms, removing grime, stains, and trash, and then we’ll restock all supplies. Don’t be known for your cringe-worthy restrooms. Even kids will notice if the bathroom is “gross”.

While we hope whoever is using your space doesn’t press their nose against your windows, it seems windows have a way of attracting suspicious prints and smudges. If your windows don’t sparkle, those looking in might question the cleanliness of what’s inside. Let us help you put on a good outward-facing appearance with our window cleaning service. Our properly trained window cleaners use products and equipment that provide you with the most cost-effective, environmentally friendly service possible. We tackle not just the windows, but the screens and frames, being careful to clean every crevice that holds dirt, dust, and dead bugs.

Summer may just be three short months, but the energy and activity of kids on vacation can easily leave your space looking like it’s been years since you cleaned. Don’t try to tackle the mess on your own. After all, you deserve a little vacation too. Let Myles O’Donnell & Co. do the work. We offer all of our cleaning processes as a standalone service or as part of a regular janitorial package because a one-time deep clean may not get you through the rest of the summer. Contact us today to request a quote and end your busy summer season with a beautiful clean space.