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Restroom Sanitization

Restroom Sanitization

If your floors had a motto, it might be, “The Dirt Stops Here.” Whether your place of business has hard floors, carpet or both, you’re sure to need regular commercial floor cleaning to keep your workplace looking its best.

The top building maintenance complaint, among all types of businesses, is dirty restrooms. Your customers and employees expect a tidy, sanitary restroom at all times. If you’re like most business owners, you already know that dirty restrooms can hurt your bottom line. When your restrooms are poorly maintained, everyone is affected.

Clean, Sanitary Restrooms

When it comes to a business’s restrooms, “clean” isn’t good enough. Public and semi-public restroom sanitation means a deep, thorough cleansing and disinfecting—every time. At Myles O’Donnell & Company, we believe your business deserves the best. That means more than just a wipe and a mop. We’ll clean and sanitize your restroom fixtures, floors, walls, doors and vents. Our eco-conscious restroom cleaning solutions will leave your fixtures sparkling and your restrooms odor-free.

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Restroom Sanitization

Clean, hygienic

We have used Myles O’Donnell for several years and found them to be reliable, responsive and diligent in keeping our office looking stunning.