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As the weather warms, the mountains may be calling and the beaches may be beckoning but your bank account may be telling you summer trips are not an option. If you have your heart set on a vacation or even if you just could use some added income consider a job with Myles O’Donnell & Company. Our business is booming and we need some great people to add to our team to fulfill our client’s janitorial needs and more. 

Myles O’Donnell & Company is a cleaning company handling large corporate accounts and delivering our services to smaller mom and pops. Our range of clients allows us to offer our employees full flexibility in their hours, working as little as two hours a day to earn some extra cash for that new car, or more full-time hours to help you pay for life’s bigger needs. 

From moss removal and gutter cleaning to floor polishing and window washing, our teams keep offices around the Portland Metro region shining. Our clients love our services, and our employees love working for us. Why? Flexibility and family are the two words that come to mind. 

We treat our employees like family which is why many of our workers have been with us for years. Not only do we treat you like one of our own, but we also allow you to put your family first. A job is a job, and we understand sometimes family needs take precedence. We’re ok with that. 

The true highlight of a job with Myles O’Donnell & Company however is the flexibility. We give you the supplies you need for each job, the key or passcode to get into the client’s building, and from there you decide what time schedule works best for you. We do our cleaning after hours, but if you prefer night owl hours or early bird is up to you. We offer both weekday and weekend opportunities. 

Another bonus, especially for introverts, is that you either work solo or with just one or two other people. If you’d rather wear headphones and jam while you work, or even sing out loud, you can do that when you work with us. If you add some dancing to your cleaning you can get rid of that pricey gym membership and get paid for a good workout. Bending, stretching, squatting, and walking is just part of the job. 

Even if you aren’t a neat freak and your home is less than pristine, we’re able and willing to show you the basic tools and methods for turning a dirty, dusty, smudgy, and even smelly space into a business that shines. 

Our off-hours schedule is ideal for students, parents who split childcare duties, and those looking for a second job. Teachers who are looking for a summer income or parents who are wondering how to head to work when schools are closed can also find the perfect solution in employment with us. A stress-free job may be just the balance your busy life needs. 

If digging yourself out of debt, or putting aside a little extra for the perfect summer vacation, are items on your agenda, we can offer some help by way of part-time, fully flexible, after-hours employment that can give your bank account that little nudge it needs. Visit our site and complete the online job application today.