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Spring weather in the Pacific Northwest may leave you guessing, but there are other signs of spring that arrive without fail. There will be more rain, pollen, and a return of birds. As summer arrives, your windows may show all the signs of spring in the form of rain streaks, dust and dirt, and those nasty bird droppings. Now is the time to call the professionals at Myles O’Donnell & Co. to clean your windows and let in the clear view of those blue sunny skies. 

Having clean windows adds to curb appeal making your business look more welcoming and showing that you pay attention to detail. Window cleaning can also save you money since regular cleaning can extend the life of your windows. And while it may seem a simple enough job to do yourself, there are some good reasons to hire professional window cleaners. 

Window cleaning takes time and can be a hassle. Have you ever cleaned a window only to find yourself looking through streaks? Our team has the training, experience, tools, and techniques to remove even the most stubborn grime. And because we regularly clean windows, we can get the job done quickly, while still doing a thorough job. We also always put safety first using the right safety gear for those hard-to-reach windows. 

When the Myles O’Donnell & Co. team comes to your place of business to clean your windows, we will follow a basic procedure that might vary depending on the number, size, and type of window. But generally, our first step is to inspect the windows for any damage and remove loose dirt and debris from window frames and sills. Next, we cover the entire surface of the window with our eco-friendly cleaning solution and then use a squeegee to remove not just the solution but all the dirt and grime that has been loosened. Excess solution is wiped away and any remaining spots or streaks are addressed using the right tool or cloth to leave behind only shine. Once we’re done, we clean up our work area so the only sign you’ll have that we were there is sparkling windows. 

If you’re ready to welcome summer, contact us to schedule your window cleaning. We offer window cleaning as a standalone service, or you can also add your windows to a regular janitorial service package. Do you really want to break out the newspaper and vinegar that your grandmother swore by for getting windows cleaned? Do you even know where to get newspapers these days? Trust us when we tell you that the Myles O’Donnell & Co. team has more efficient and less messy ways to rid your windows of grime. Take our professional advice and call our expert team.