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March is a month that tests our stamina. It is still cold, gray, and wet, but there are plenty of signs of spring. The tease of March can leave us stir-crazy. What better way to beat the winter blues than a great meal in a local restaurant? But no matter how good the food is, the appearance of a restaurant’s restroom can either assure a new customer or chase someone right out the door never to return. Don’t leave the cleanliness of your restaurant restroom, or any part of your restaurant, to chance. Turn to Myles O’Donnell & Co. to assure all your patrons leave glowing reviews. 

Restrooms are full of germs. We are all in these spaces for essentially the same reason and we all tend to have the same sort of routine. That means our hands all touch the stall doors, toilet paper dispensers, and faucets. Even without the shared touchpoints, a study published in 2020 in the Physics of Fluids found that flushing a toilet can expel as much as 60% of produced aerosols three feet into the air above the seat. Then there’s all that handwashing and drying that splatters water and soap and can leave paper towels scattered. Even if a restroom isn’t the horror show, cliched gas station restroom that is one step above, or maybe below, an outhouse, it can still spread germs and look a bit unkempt. The germs and bacteria that live in a restroom can easily spread throughout your restaurant raising the chance that a patron will get sick. 

Any disarray in a restroom in a restaurant is magnified because we eat in restaurants. Would you knowingly put your hands on something dirty and germy and then go nibble a French fry? For this reason, restaurant restrooms are scrutinized more closely and patrons are less forgiving about what they might find. Don’t just take our word for it. Celebrity chef Robert Irvine said if he sees a clean restroom he assumes a clean kitchen and vice versa. 

Before you send your guests home with the flu or e-coli, let Myles O’Donnell & Co. get to work cleaning and sanitizing your restrooms and putting your worries to rest. Our experts will scrub, mop, wipe, and pay special attention to all those high-touch areas. Mirrors will sparkle, counters will shine, and the floor will look as though you could eat off of it. We offer the latest in cleaning technology with the understanding traditional cleaning tools can just spread germs around instead of eliminating them. Our environmentally-friendly products effectively sanitize your restroom without toxic chemicals so the room smells fresh. We’ll also be sure to take out the trash and restock restroom supplies so no one is left asking their stall neighbor to spare a square. 

If you’re ready to set up a regular cleaning and disinfecting schedule to make sure your restroom, as well as your restaurant, get 5 stars, contact Myles O’Donnell & Co. We offer both annual and month-to-month contracts to fit your business needs. Keep your restaurant’s reputation intact and call us today.