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Spring is here and everything is blooming and growing. The colorful flowers and lush green that we in the Northwest love, reward us for living through another rainy season. But if the green you see is stuck to your roof, siding, and sidewalks in the form of moss and mildew, it might not be so pleasant. The remnants of winter weather can make the outside of your business or home look less than inviting. Myles O’Donnell and Co. can help you put your best foot forward with our professional outdoor cleaning services. 

Moss Removal

Roofs, gutters, and downspouts take a beating during the winter with atmospheric rivers, surprise snow storms, freakish warm temperatures followed quickly by freezing, and a good dose of wind-blown debris. If you look up in any area of the Portland Metro region you’ll see moss on roofs. It just comes with the territory. Our team of experts will climb onto the roof and sweep away the green. If sweeping doesn’t do the trick, we’ll follow up with low-pressure cleaning to tackle those areas where the moss is proving more difficult to remove. We’re careful to apply just enough pressure to remove the moss without shooting water under your shingles and damaging the surface. For added safety, we’ll then apply a treatment to minimize future moss growth. 

Gutter and Downspout Clearing

With the roof moss-free, our experts will next address your gutters and downspouts. We love trees, but those needles and leaves can easily clog gutters and downspouts. That slimy, smelly blob can become a haven for bugs that just need to find that one little crack in your roof or siding to move on into your home. A clogged gutter or downspout also leaves nowhere for the rain to escape but by overflowing the sides. If left unattended that flow of water can cause black streaks and more mold growth, and it can also weaken shingles and siding leading to roof leaks that will be a much bigger headache than a clogged gutter. Rainwater or ice melt can also pool in areas where it shouldn’t, helping to promote the growth of mold and mildew. 

Pressure Washing

With clogs cleared, our next job is to pressure wash the building’s exterior. Our team will pressure wash siding and shutters and finish off by washing your walkways, steps, and porches. Myles O’Donnell & Co. will assure no moss grows under your feet…or above your head. 

No exterior cleaning is complete without some special care for windows. We guess that you’d rather window shoppers notice what’s for sale and not the bird droppings and streaks on the glass. Clean windows give a good first impression for whoever steps up to your front door so we’ll make sure they shine. 

Spring cleaning is popular, so we recommend you give us a call to schedule today. Make sure you start the busy summer season with a shiny clean building that welcomes in customers and clients.