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People who clean their own carpets often seek the answers for keeping their carpets looking brand new. Truth is, there’s no secret, but there are certainly tricks and best practices you can use to keep the carpet looking like the first day you moved into your office or home.

Here are three tricks to keeping a clean carpet:

Clean on a regular basis

Without regularly scheduled cleaning it would be nearly impossible to keep the carpets looking fresh. Giving attention to your carpets, whether it be in your home or office, is a sure fire way to keep carpet in good condition. Most people have figured out the concept of vacuuming regularly, but have totally missed the notion of shampooing and deep cleaning carpets a few times each year.

Deal with stains immediately

Those who have experienced a glass of wine spilling on the carpet, someone at work spilling their fresh-made coffee all over the floor, or perhaps a pet using the carpet as the bathroom knows exactly how important it is to clean the carpet immediately to reduce the chance of a stain. Nothing is worse than a permanent mark on the carpet, front and center. Deal with stains before they become an eyesore.

Use the best product for your type of carpet

There is a plethora of carpet cleaning products out there. Some good, some bad. Some environmentally friendly, and others not so “green.” Do your due diligence and look for the product that best fits with your environment.

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