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Wouldn’t life be so much easier if we could neglect certain things such as taking out the garbage, vacuuming floors and wiping down the counter tops? Unfortunately, we don’t live in that world…that is, if you have any interest in keeping employees happy and a disgusted look off customers’ faces.

Here are three simple reasons why you cannot go without cleaning your office:


Whether you have a store-front or not, it simply doesn’t matter; if you want to keep your customers and employees satisfied by the environment then you must keep the office looking pristine at all times. No one wants to work or do business in a smelly, dirty or unorganized environment. In fact, employees or customers may feel that if you neglect the office environment then you may do the same to them.

Regular Cleaning Costs Less in the Long Run

Maintenance to the office should be viewed no differently than maintenance on a car. The more you neglect oil changes, replacement of parts, etc. on a car the more damage you can do to the other parts and the vehicle as a whole. For example, without vacuuming or shampooing carpets regularly, you may find yourself ripping up the carpet and replacing it much sooner than you ever anticipated—which can cost you an arm and a leg. Trust us on this one, put a cleaning schedule together and stick to it!

Your Brand Represents the Best

With information speeding faster than we ever could have imagined via the web, word about your business travels fast. In an already competitive market, your business can use every opportunity to defeat the competition. In other words, your brand’s reputation matters greatly nowadays, and the web can make or break you. Everything goes into the brand—from your employees’ interactions with customers, to your logo, to, yes, your office. If you represent a premium brand then take no shortcuts. Everything your business touches must represent the brand, meaning even the little stuff like keeping the floors waxed and shiny matter to upholding the brand’s value.