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Workplace DustingSome people could care less about the amount of dust buildup in an office. Cubicles, filing cabinets, window sills and shelves are all prime locations for dust buildup and areas that tend to be neglected in a workplace.

You can keep neglecting the dust buildup or do something about it immediately. We outline three reasons why you absolutely need to dust the office regularly:


Some people react harshly to dust, especially during allergy season. Do these folks a favor and dust regularly to cut down on the amount of dust buildup in the work area. The last thing you want on your hands is an employee or customer to have an allergy attack!


Remember when we talked about the importance of restroom sanitation? Dusting is no different. Dust buildup can be visible if not blatantly obvious to those with decent vision. This can be a major turnoff to customers who notice your business establishment doesn’t take pride in cleanliness.


As the late Stephen Covey, the Seven Habits author, used to say, “Our habits define us.” Neglecting dust buildup can be unclean, sure, but have you thought about the long-term implications of not dusting on a regular basis? Preventative dusting can reduce the chance of allergies flaring up, electronic devices being damaged from thick dust (especially desktop computers), and can potentially reduce the costs of maintaining the office space.

Dust can build up in the office quicker than you think, so take our advice and dust the workplace on a regular basis. The are tons of local janitorial service partners in the area if you need help.