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When exploring the idea of outsourcing your cleaning tasks to an outside company, there are many facts you should uncover prior to hiring any janitorial company.

We have outlined 5 questions every business should ask a janitorial services company prior to engaging them for services:

How do you price your janitorial services?

Some janitorial companies charge by the service or on an ongoing monthly retainer. It’s important to uncover the options because one method may be less costly than the other.

Do you use environmentally friendly products?

Especially in recent times, products and equipment are becoming so advanced that they are no longer harmful to the environment when being produced or used in the field. If you want to avoid companies that aren’t using eco-friendly practices, ask this question. Businesses in Portland, Oregon are very mindful of “green” products and services, so this question is a no-brainer to ask your janitorial service company.

What do your cleaning services include?

Are you purchasing an individual service or a suite of services? Some cleaning companies may only engage with a new customer if on an ongoing retainer.

If applicable to your office, purchase a suite of services that focuses on cleaning all aspects of your office, including windows, carpets, floors, restrooms, etc.; the reason being, it can be less costly to package all services together.

How frequent should we use your services?

If a janitorial service company is forthright they will tell you exactly how often to clean the office or building. Reason being, over-cleaning, just as much as under-cleaning, can do some damage to the floors and carpets. Asking this question gives you a chance to plan and budget for these services.

Does your company have references I can call?

Bottom line: if a janitorial services company has many references of long-standing companies in Portland, you can be certain they are a loyal and quality janitorial company. Before engaging with a janitorial company, check on two to three business references. Also check Google and other sources for online reviews.