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Most people spend more waking hours at work than they do at home. But, due to the competing duties of work, most employees spend minimal time cleaning their environment. It stands to reason though, that maintaining a clean workplace is an important factors in office productivity. If you want your staff to get work done, make sure their workplace is clean.

Workplaces that are clean and “fit for purpose” offer some very tangible benefits to employers.

The many advantages of commercial office cleaning start with reducing the probability of germ and illness transfer in the workplace.

Surfaces of an office can become contaminated quickly.  Modern offices are often open plan, and many surfaces are “touched” by many hands, especially around common areas and equipment.  Some staff use hand sanitizer, others do not, so one really good reason to keep things clean is to reduce the spread of germs.

Clean offices are also more organized offices. When desks and other work areas start to get cluttered, people burn out faster, creating fatigue and stress. Not only can stress reduce effectiveness at work, it can lead to a number of health problems, making employees for susceptible to colds, and putting them at greater risk of depression, insomnia, headaches and stomach problems. Keeping offices clean at all times helps to reduce stress and keep everyone working optimally.

Allergies and Pollutants

Another health issue caused by dirty workplaces is their role in triggering allergies. Dust accumulates and hold allergens in the air. This can lead to dry eyes, scratchy throats a feeling of ‘fighting through the fog” to keep going. It’s not hte best recipe for a successful, effective office.

Boosting Office Morale

It’s no news that office productivity is directly correlated to employee morale. People prefer cleaner spaces. When morale slips, gossip goes up, and  productivity goes down. While other issues impact morale, coming to work in an unclean environment is certainly up there in helping staff feel they are under appreciated.

Morale is a funny thing. It spreads. A bad mood from one or two people can spread through a whole office…. but it works both ways. A great mood spreads too. This positive morale is something you can sow through a positive environment and pretty soon coworkers will start to experience a boost in morale as well.

And… then there’s the impression of visitors

Of course, a clean office makes a far better impression on visitors, whether they be prospective partners, vendors, or customers, than an office that is grimy or unkempt. Keeping your office clean is simply a smart way to be competitive in your business while showing your people you appreciate them.