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It is the time of the year where employees and their significant others get together for an office party. With limited resources, most businesses host a holiday party at their own office, which can save time, money and the headache of hosting off-site.

Leading up to the holiday season, most businesses feel crunched for time as it tends to be the busy time of the year for them; so what often gets overlooked is the fact that the office needs to be spotless before guests attend the company’s holiday party.

This may seem like such a minor detail, but having an unclean and unorganized office environment can look unprofessional to those who are guests to the workplace. Most people don’t notice if an office environment is clean, but they certainly notice when there is dust, dirt and grime. Be on the safe side and maintain the office at a high level of cleanliness.

Rather than scrambling to clean the office on your own, there are many janitorial resources in the local Portland-metro area to outsource janitorial services to. Janitorial companies can come in on off-hours and clean the entire office at a low cost, whether it is one-time or on a regular schedule.

For anyone hosting a holiday party for employees this season, it is a great idea to do a thorough cleaning job before and after the party to keep the air breathable, the floors dirt-free and the windows shining for the guests.