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Cleaning Duties for EmployesWe all know there are those places in the building that no one wants to clean – employees and janitorial providers included. But what if you found yourself responsible for cleaning it? Gets you fired up just thinking about it, doesn’t it? You may be thinking:

“But I’m so much more productive doing something else.”
“Why do I have to when John didn’t have to do it?”
“Why can’t we hire someone else to do that?” 

Bottom line: all areas of the building need to be clean for health and appeal reasons, so get going on it and don’t wait!

Here are a few areas of the building you wish you had a local janitorial service company for:

  • Community Microwave
  • Bathroom Floor
  • Cubicle Walls
  • Visitor and Employee Toilets
  • Windows
  • Carpet
  • Mirrors
  • Windows

And the list goes on and on… and on.

If you’re part of a business fortunate enough to hire a janitorial provider, good for you; for the rest, you will have to use internal resources to clean some or all of these areas and more. Our advice: organize, prioritize and divide the duties among employees to get all the main spots. Have employees “own” their areas so nothing gets missed over the course of a month. Let them know they are appreciated for helping out, otherwise they may say “NO WAY!”

Image Courtesy of Flickr / dreamingmom