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Office cleaning is often left to janitorial professionals. Business owners and building managers tend outsource this function since it is not part of their core function. However, whether decision-makers decide to keep cleaning tasks in-house or outsource it to a janitorial services company, there are many areas that need attention.

This checklist can be used as a guide to cleaning the office with or without a janitorial services company:

Restroom cleaning

This is one of the most obvious areas that needs regular attention. Regardless of how much foot traffic there is within the building, the restroom area of the office is constantly used. Supplies need to be regularly replaced, garbage removed and toilets disinfected and cleaned nightly. Regardless if employees are the people using the restroom or if it’s a mixture of employees and guests, it’s very important to keep the restroom looking great and free of germs/bacteria.

Lobby Cleaning

The lobby is the first area a customer or guest will see. Rather than turn new guests away with a terrible looking lobby, regularly dust, clean carpets, wax the floors and do everything possible to leave a positive impression on guests of the company.

Waste Removal

Waste removal is a no-brainer. Hire a garbage and recycling company to pick up waste on a regular basis. Removing waste will give employees and guests a sense of organization and cleanliness in the building. Even if guests/employees didn’t notice waste has been removed, that is much better than if they did notice.

Carpet Cleaning

Buildings that have carpet should be vacuumed weekly and shampooed multiple times per year. Since buildings with carpet have much more square footage of carpet, replacing it can be very costly if not maintained properly. Carpet cleaning goes beyond keeping it nice for guests, rather it becomes a cost/replacement issue.


Those with allergies can explain how much they despise dust in an office. Sometimes it difficult to remove all dust, especially in warehouse settings, but at the very least regularly dust the office partition of the building to keep the offices clear of dust and looking shiny.

Kitchen / Lunch Room

Employees are the worst offenders of destroying the workplace kitchen. In fact, some abuse the fact that the company has a shared kitchen and treats it like they are at home –  i.e. they leave dishes out, don’t wipe counter tops and leave the microwave the same after their tomato soup exploded inside of it. For everyone’s health and safety, have someone disinfect and organize the kitchen after each work day. It might even make sense to send a memo to employees to clean up after themselves.

Many of the items on this checklist can be handled simply by employees taking responsibility; however, for others on the checklist, it makes sense to have someone dedicated to cleaning the areas or to hire a professional cleaning company. Either way, make sure all items are addressed on a regular basis.