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What a year. We get it. As small business employers, we know how hard it has been to ensure a safe workplace and steady work for your employees, and continued efficient service for your clients. Our hearts break for those businesses that couldn’t make ends meet, and it makes Myles O’Donnell & Company that much more grateful and appreciative that we have survived and thrived. But that wasn’t just luck.

Our Culture

Our company understands that we’re only as good as those we employ and so we treat our workers like family; offering job safety, security, and flexibility. And because we have been able to continue our work for our clients uninterrupted, and found new clients who learned the necessity of cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting, we are looking for some new people to join our team.

If you believe a cleaning service just wants warm bodies to do the dirty work, you don’t know Myles O’Donnell & Company. Where others may see their cleaning crews as just entries on a spreadsheet, we don’t operate that way. To us, our employees are family and many of our 28 team members have been with us for years. (Check out our video to see more about our culture.)

A Safe Place to Work

The pandemic has made job hunting scary as many are wary of how safe their new place of employment will be. We can erase those fears. We operate on the individual model where we send just one person to each site to do the cleaning and most of the sites will have no other people present. Working alone offers zero chance of person-to-person virus and germ transmission. On top of that, not having to worry about personality conflicts, or equitable sharing of duties, or any of the other factors that working with others can bring, provides a pretty stress-free workplace.

Working solo also gives our employees the chance to work on their own time. Our clients typically want to have their places of business cleaned in off-hours. That makes a job with us perfect for those seeking some extra income after they finish up a day job, end a school day, or are relieved by a spouse from childcare duties. You also don’t have to punch a clock. If you choose to start a shift at 8 pm or 2 am, we don’t care, as long as the work gets done. We hand you keys, alarm codes, and cleaning supplies, give you addresses, and send you on your way.

And, of course, safety is paramount in all we do. Our employees are fitted with Personal Protective Gear, offered N95 masks, and provided benefits. Not to mention, your work is to not just clean but to disinfect and sanitize, so the very nature of what you do provides a safe workplace.

We have worked hard through the years to be a welcoming and supportive place for our employees, having their best interest at heart, but also knowing happy employees will do the best job for our clients. If flexibility, above the going-rate pay, benefits, and a safe stress-free job sound appealing, contact us to find out how to apply.