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A popular question we hear from clients and prospective clients is, “How often should we have the carpets cleaned?” The answer may be more complex than you may think. You have many variables to consider, including:

  • The type and material of the carpet
  • The amount of foot traffic entering your carpeted areas
  • The level of soil being tracked in
  • Presence and placement of protective mats
  • How often you vacuum your floors

Cleaning your carpets every six months, or maybe every three months if high traffic is a good place to begin.

Carpet cleaning extends its useful life. That makes it a good investment in building maintenance. In many cases, regular professional carpet cleanings pay for themselves over the long term. While once a year is a good guideline, it’s probably wise to adjust the cleaning frequency up or down depending on the amount and type of activity your floors see.

High Carpet Traffic Means Cleaning More Frequently

Keeping fresh mats at entryways can help in keeping your highest traffic areas cleaner, longer, but you’ll still need periodic professional carpet cleaning. Regular vacuuming will also help, but will not eliminate mud, grease and ground-in soils.

Offices that may need a more frequent cycle of carpet cleanings include:

  • Building and construction contractor businesses
  • Workshops and warehouses
  • Businesses located on a dirt road or which have a gravel parking lot

Put simply, dirtier footwear causes more wear and tear on carpet fibers. Once embedded, the dirt causes abrasion of the carpet fibers with every footstep. Areas that receive excessive traffic will benefit the most from a more frequent cleaning.

Not sure? Ask the Commercial Carpet Cleaning Experts

With a visual inspection and the answers to a few questions about your workplace, we’d be happy to recommend a carpet cleaning schedule for your business. Drop us a line and we’ll get back to you right away.