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We are entering the season of ghosts and goblins when that little sense of fear is all in the name of fun. Halloween scenes often feature fog drifting through dark alleys, obscuring clear vision and leaving one to wonder what lurks behind that smoky facade. But while Halloween fog can invoke a sense of fear, the fog we use at Myles O’Donnell & Co. offers just the opposite. Our fogging treatment is designed to eliminate fear–fear of hidden germs and the diseases they carry. 

As we say a final goodbye to warm temperatures and rain-free days, close the windows, and retreat indoors, this is a great time to give your place of business the added protection of our HOCL (Hypochlorous Acid) fogging. This all-natural disinfectant has been used for decades in hospitals and in the food and airline industries because it kills 99.999% of bacteria, viruses, and pathogens while leaving nothing toxic behind. It is 100% residue-free and with the seal of approval from the EPA, FDA, and USDA, it is even safe for use in food manufacturing operations. No matter what your business or organization, sells, produces, or offers, HOCL fogging can keep the premises germ-free. 

It’s a simple process as well, for both us and for you. Nothing will need to be moved or put away before we come in because the fog leaves nothing behind to saturate papers, electronics, or furniture. In fact, the fog permeates all soft and hard surfaces of every inch of your space, so anything it touches gets sanitized. Put that extra germ barrier on computers and coffee makers that are touched by many hands each day. 

Our HOCL Fogging is cost-effective too at just about $50 per 1,000 square feet and we can schedule service for you through a simple phone call. There’s really no reason not to have this added peace of mind for you, your employees, and your customers. 

And as long as we’re coming in to do our fogging, why not have us do a deep clean as well? Myles O’Donnell & Co. is happy to offer one-time cleanings for those big events, or we can contract with you for regularly scheduled janitorial services. We can polish floors, clean carpets, create sparkling windows or tackle any other big job to help your business shine for a special occasion, or we can vacuum, dust, scour sinks, and take out the trash for you as often as you need us. We use the latest technology through our suppliers to keep current and ensure we remain a leader in the commercial cleaning and janitorial services industry. Our staff works when you don’t so there will be no disruption to your schedule. One day you’ll leave behind a space that needs a bit of TLC, and the next day, like magic, the rooms will sparkle. 

The season may focus on things that are a little scary, but don’t let one of those things be the state of your business. Call us to help you usher in fall germ-free and sparkling from floor to ceiling.