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The days are long, the air is dry, and the sun is finally out. As you make plans to welcome back the throngs of customers who have finally come out of their winter hibernation, are you confident the outside of your business has shed the remnants of a long, soggy, winter? Are moss and mold, otherwise known as fungus, suddenly a glaring problem threatening to chase your clients away? If you’re not sure of the best way to remove mildew from gutters or water stains from walls, call the professionals at Myles O’Donnell & Co. We’re experts at pressure washing away your woes. We can tackle the awnings that seem to be sprouting tiny gardens. We can erase that odd shade of green that has taken hold of your once white siding. Even those front steps that seem to be oozing things right out of the concrete are not a challenge for our team. 

Things That Grow In The Winter

While a regular hose and some hand scrubbing can remove accumulated dirt stirred up by gusty winds or deposited from nearby traffic exhaust, any growing bacterias can leave behind an ugly stain that needs a more powerful cleaning. That’s why you need us. Our process removes any remnant from any growing fungus. Because we recognize there are things growing outside that you’d like to keep alive, we don’t use harsh chemicals but instead, rely on products that are friendly to the environment. Pressure washing won’t kill your prized petunias!

Save Your Structure

Getting it clean is not just a matter of putting the best face of your business forward, but it also goes a long way in protecting your investment–your building! The things that grow in a moist environment absorb that moisture and transfer it onto your structure. From warping to wood rot to mold in the air, wetness can cause damage that is costly to repair and can even cause health problems. Ignoring that mildew (which is actually just a type of mold) will not make it go away. It needs to be completely removed to allow things to dry out for a few months and any remaining bacteria to die off before the rains move in again. 

Service You Can Count On

And that rain will return, the bacteria will be back, and you’ll be looking out your door at grungy front steps again. There’s no avoiding it. However, to take an item off your springtime to-do list each year, sign up for our yearly maintenance program and we’ll do the remembering for you. Plus you’ll be assured your business won’t be at the bottom of the waitlist when the busy spring cleaning season begins. 

Because we know you’re busy and want your doors open for as many hours in the day as possible, we can work with you to schedule the perfect time to come pressure wash where our noise and spraying water won’t interfere with your business. We’ll get the job done and leave no trace except for a sparkling clean exterior. 

If you’d like an estimate or just have questions about pressure washing or any of our other services, get in touch. We love to talk about cleaning!