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Whether you conduct business in an office, a shop, a warehouse or some other type of workplace, you’re sure to need at least basic janitorial services. Restroom sanitation, dusting, trash removal and floor cleaning may seem like all you’ll ever need—and for some businesses, that’s probably true.

However, most businesses will occasionally need supplemental services outside their basic janitorial needs. Carpet cleaning and spill recovery aren’t a weekly need—but most buildings will need at least an infrequent cleaning service beyond the basics.

Options for Occasional Cleaning and Maintenance Needs

When you discover an infrequent cleaning or building maintenance need, your options depend largely on what your janitorial service provider offers. It may be a simple matter of making a phone call to your usual cleaning crew—assuming they offer the additional service you’re looking for. Done. Back to business as usual, without so much as a Google search.

But what if your janitorial service only offers the basic service? You’ll find yourself searching the Internet, making phone calls, asking questions and waiting for a new company—one who’s never seen your place of business—to complete the job. You could find yourself speaking to a carpet cleaning company, a window washing firm and a concrete floor polisher over the course of a year.

If your usual janitorial company offers a broad range of services, you’ll not only save time when you need a one-off cleaning, but in many cases, you’ll be saving money too. It’s usually much more economical to take advantage of add-on services than to hire several firms.