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Floor cleaningThe first signs of spring may be appearing, but the memories of a long Pacific Northwest winter are fresh in our minds…and on our floors! All the rain, and resulting mud, have been tracked inside for months, leaving floors looking and maybe even smelling a bit foul. Now might be the perfect time to arrange a deep cleaning of your floors and carpets and to consider keeping a regular cleaning schedule. 

Carpets add a decorative touch to any room, but they also provide a more comfortable surface to walk on and help reduce echo in larger spaces. They also filter out dust and allergens from the air and collect dirt that’s brought in on shoes. If left too long, the grime in a carpet can break down the fibers and leave the carpet looking worn. Any allergens that are not removed can be kicked up and dispersed back into the air. No one wants to have a space that leaves employees or customers sneezing. The good news is keeping carpets clean only requires frequent vacuuming and regular deep cleaning.  

How often you require carpet and floor cleaning depends on how much foot traffic your facility sees in a day. An office with just a handful of employees will not have the same needs as a popular retail establishment. If your company has a pet-friendly policy, that carpet may need even more frequent cleaning. Our experts can work with you to find a cleaning schedule that perfectly matches your needs, from daily or weekly vacuuming to quarterly deep cleaning. 

Myles O’Donnell & Co. also cleans hard-surfaced floors like concrete or tile using only eco-friendly products that are gentle on your floors yet tough enough to handle the grimiest messes. Non-carpeted surfaces not only collect dirt but can also be prone to scratches, marks, and dings. Regular cleaning followed by finishing can help protect the floors from damage and provide the perfect level of shine to meet your preference. Whether it’s foot traffic or dirt accumulated from forklifts and deliveries, we can clean it to help your business retain a clean and professional appearance. 

Keeping your floors clean is not just good practice for putting your company’s best foot forward; it’s also an important component to keeping your employees and customers healthy. No one wants to breathe in pollutants and wonder whether germs are lurking along the baseboards. Contact us today to discuss a floor and carpet cleaning schedule that works best for your business and for everyone who comes through your doors.