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Office cleaning is essential to keep up with year-round, but its benefits are even greater during the cold and wet weather seasons. Winter invites corrosive snow, ice, rain, mud, and germs indoors.

This means that office cleaning is an especially crucial step in keeping your office looking professional and keeping employees healthy and productive.

With the help of a quality cleaning company and the following tips, you can ensure your commercial building is clean and safe.

A Guide to Winter Office Cleaning

1. Mind the Floors

When rain and snow start to cover the ground, it’s important to take special care of your office’s floors. Mud and slush can easily be tracked inside by employees, leaving behind harmful germs and bacteria. A reputable cleaning service will offer total floor cleaning and polishing to limit the risk of contamination to those in the building. Plus, lobbies and walkways will look more streamlined without dirty footprints.

2. Let the Light in

Winter often brings overcast skies. Not only is a dark workspace difficult on the eyes, but it can also be a damper on employee morale. By enlisting professional help to clean and buff your windows, you can remove caked-on dust and dirt to allow more sunlight in.

3. Remove Hidden Germs

Winter is infamous for inviting cold and flu symptoms into common areas, making your office a breeding ground for germs. The best way to protect your employees’ immune systems and keep them healthy is to ensure that every nook and cranny in the office is sanitized. Investing in a commercial cleaning service means that all countertops, doorknobs, and bathrooms are germ-free.

Article originally posted on Nearsay.com.