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As the months of quarantine continue, even the first half of this sentence can feel defeating. Everyone is ready to get back out there and resume normal life, but the coronavirus continues to change how we interact, and how we clean!

It can be easy to become complacent with your office cleaning, but difficult to overcome the feelings of helplessness when it comes to the pandemic. With the recent news of a potential new strain of COVID-19 already present, we are trending in the wrong direction. That said, now is the time to protect employees with weekly or monthly cleanings, and here are some pointers on how to build structure and reminders for your cleaning efforts:

Create a Virtual Office Map

Have some fun in Powerpoint or Paint, and create a schematic of your office. Think about all the areas of the office that are commonly ignored by day-to-day office operations, or areas that are being missed with quick rag wiping. Use this map to point out areas that need maintenance, or to share with the professionals after your free quote.

You might even learn some new tricks in Powerpoint!

Plan a Weekly or Monthly Schedule

Often simply visualizing a schedule helps your brain remember when it’s time for a cleaning. We provide our customers with a schedule for this exact reason. We are flexible around meetings, busier days of the week, and weekends. We can also come in to do floor waxing or carpet cleaning while your employees are out of the office.

We encourage you to print out this schedule and keep it in a highly visible spot. 

Set Calendar Reminders on Your Phone or Mobile Device

For many, utilizing the calendar on their cell phone is the best way to keep everything organized. The app can send notifications when it’s time to schedule cleaning services, and when the professionals are due to arrive. Just like an alarm clock, you can snooze the notifications if you are in a meeting and need an additional reminder.

Regardless of where you go around the office, these reminders stay with you.

Good Ol’ Fashioned Sticky Notes

Have one of those computer monitors with the big black frame around the edges of the screen? If not there, that extra space at the top of the keyboard is just begging to be bedazzled with colorful, sticky construction paper. Don’t worry, we won’t remove them when we come in to fog your office. Our fogging service leaves zero residues and dries quickly so those sticky notes won’t be harmed.

Just ask your office manager to write them out for you because your handwriting is probably not the best. It’s a Type A thing!


In the most commonly used area of your office, you can prevent the spread of germs carried to the rest of the building by removing harmful bacteria with professional cleaning services. Myles O’Donnell & Company offers environmentally friendly products to effectively sanitize your workplace restroom while avoiding toxic chemicals.

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