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Restroom sanitation portlandMyles O’Donnell & Co. has been serving businesses in Portland, Oregon for their janitorial needs since 1949, so we understand what it takes to become a janitorial ‘rock star.’

First of all, businesses have specific needs, and they differ greatly from business to business. Depending on the type of business, industry or location, customers may have a greater need for restroom sanitation if they get a lot of traffic in the public restrooms; or, they may even have a greater need for carpet cleaning if most of their office is carpet. The bottom line is that, to become a janitorial ‘rock star,’ a person needs to figure out exactly what the needs of the customer is before they can go to work.

Once the up-front needs are understood by both sides, it is important that a person or janitorial company deliver on the original promise. One way to do this is to check in regularly with customers to ensure expectations are being met. The customer may have an differing perspective of what qualifies as a completed job.

The actual service and how well it is delivered upon matters greatly, however, being in constant communication and being aligned on expectations is just as important, if not more. To deliver a high quality and highly personable service is what it takes to become a janitorial ‘rock star.’ 

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