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Office restrooms with a clean and shiny presentation are coveted by guests and regular users—especially when the toilets and urinals are in good shape and don’t appear to have a lot of use. You may be surprised to know that restrooms located in an office are very frequently used, however, it is the method and frequency in which it is cleaned that can have the lasting effect on the appearance that make it seem like it is never in use.

Since the toilet is the most integral part of the office restroom, besides the sink, here are the steps to follow to make your toilets and urinals looking great every day.

Step 1: Spray toilet with water. Give the toilet a good rinse without chemicals to wash away everything that shouldn’t be there—including dirt, grime, and, well, you know, other foreign objects.

Step 2: Spray toilet with disinfectant. Once you give the toilets a good rinse with water, use disinfectant to kill germs and bacteria in the bowl of the toilet and the outside surface.

Step 3: Scrub the toilet bowl. Water that simply sits in the bowl can create colored rings in the toilet, so make sure to freshen it up by taking a scrub brush to the bowl. Note that it is wise to use rubber gloves to protect yourself against the chemicals and any germs you are exposed to in the toilet. Disinfectant can sometimes be potent, too, so consider wearing a mask to protect yourself against breathing in the chemicals.

Step 4: Wipe down to dry. After a thorough rinse and applied disinfectant, wipe down the surface to dry the area.

If you followed the steps and used the right products, the toilets should have a nice sparkle and have a fresh smell. Plan on repeating these steps daily to maintain the quality of your toilets and overall appeal of your office restrooms.