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A fact sheet provided by www.nonprofitrisk.org reviews hazards of the workplace and what to do to avoid unnecessary risks. Most notably, they provide recommendations for avoiding workplace hazards:


  • Store toxic chemicals and cleaning supplies in separate areas
  • Establish daily, weekly and monthly cleaning procedures. For example, bathrooms, kitchen counters, dishes, work surfaces, phones and keyboards should be cleaned on a daily basis. Determine how often other parts of the office should be cleaned and establish a roster of individuals responsible for clean-up.
  • Standards of cleanliness should be put into place for each office and/or work cubicle. Staff performance objectives should include a requirement to maintain a clean workspace.
  • Implement a paper recycling program to cut down on paper clutter and buildup
  • Identify cleanliness and safety expectations for all staff — for example — spills, particularly liquids spilled on the floor, need to be wiped up immediately.

One of the aspects of this fact sheet that we feel is very important to give attention to is the establishment of a daily, weekly or monthly cleaning procedure. Rather than doing one-time cleaning, it’s more effective to do regular cleaning to ensure the workplace avoids uncleanliness.

To read the entire fact sheet, visit the website: http://www.nonprofitrisk.org/tools/workplace-safety/nonprofit/c5/housekeeping.htm