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It’s that time of year where you frequently hear co-workers, friends, and family repeat “Where did the time go? It’s already Fall!” The arrival of the Autumn Equinox means days begin to get shorter, the weather begins to get wetter, and the floors of your home and office receive frequent deposits of water and debris.

With leaves and mud sticking to shoes, the toll on your floors is noticeable and can be damaging to both hardwood and carpeted floors. Here are things to keep in mind, maintenance and protection tips, and some services we offer to help you along the way.

Apply a Fresh Coat of Sealing Wax to Your Floors

If you have hardwood, marble, or even concrete floors, these surfaces can become very slippery, very quickly. And once these surfaces dry, they show all the marks of shoes, carts, and other treads, in the form of cloudiness and stickiness. Before the rains come, make sure your floors receive a decent buff and polish.

Move Furniture Away from Corners and Tough-to-Reach Areas

Wind and falling leaves are a malicious combination for your floors. As employees return to the office when it is safe from the pandemic, their wet shoes will carry in leaves or leaves will get blown in by the wind coming through open doors. Leaves can quickly get ground into carpets or disappear into those hard to reach places. Give your home or office a refreshed look by rearranging the furniture to provide easy access to corners where debris would normally build up. Also consider hiring the professionals to shampoo your carpet, preventing mildew and undesirable smells.

Pressure Wash Entryways, Driveways, and Parking Lots

Lastly, start your maintenance now by pressure washing all the surfaces in front of your home or office that will be frequented by foot-traffic. Preventative measures start outside the building or home! Specifically, cracks and spaces between concrete are havens for moss, mold, and other debris to hide. This debris often sticks to shoes and carts and gets tracked inside. Moss will grow significantly in the fall and winter owing to a readily available water supply. Removing spores from those cracks will prevent moss from growing, which acts as a sponge for dirt, mud, and other debris.


In the most commonly used area of your office, you can prevent the spread of germs carried to the rest of the building by removing harmful bacteria with professional cleaning services. Myles O’Donnell & Company offers environmentally friendly products to effectively sanitize your workplace restroom while avoiding toxic chemicals.

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