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The notion of “going green” has become a popular term recently, especially while doing business in the Portland, Oregon metro region. In fact, a lot of companies are changing the way they operate just to stay environmentally friendly.

Myles O’Donnell & Co. adopted “green” cleaning technology years ago, which includes our equipment and cleaning supplies, to keep our clients’ office environments at the highest quality. Over time, green cleaning can improve the air quality and save money, according to some experts.

Here is an article that sums up the benefits of green cleaning fairly well:

“A true green cleaning solution changes every aspect of cleaning your office or facility. All cleaning substances should be replaced with environmentally friendly alternatives and cleaning techniques should be revolutionized to avoid unnecessary waste.”

Like the article points out, a lot of companies claim they use green technology. As a customer of a janitorial service company, it is important to ask the right questions regarding a company’s equipment and cleaning supplies, otherwise there will be no way to know if the services are eco-friendly.