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Most people shouldn’t be surprised to know that there truly is not an art form in bathroom cleaning. Want to know a secret? The trick is in maintaining the restroom’s cleanliness on a regular basis. To clean it on a regular basis means that it is free of dirt, grime and trash almost always. Doing so will keep customers and employees satisfied with their environment. When people begin to notice and be disgusted with the restroom that you have to begin to worry.

Here are several tips to cleaning an office restroom:

  1. Clean every day
  2. Make sure everything is restocked by the next morning; this includes soap, toilet paper, seat covers, paper towels and anything else kept in the restroom
  3. Disinfect toilets, urinals, counter-tops and any surface that is touched
  4. Utilize air fresheners that last through each day

Each of these are very simple tasks, however, the challenge is that they must be habitual. Can you imagine what the restroom would look like after a few days of not being cleaned? Yeah, me neither. It wouldn’t be a pretty sight, that’s for sure.

Image courtesy of Flickr / zingh