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Oregonians rejoice at the fact the weather is beginning to turn. The sun is beginning to poke from behind the clouds, the rain is drying up and people are beginning to make their way out of their houses. What this means is that the construction season is upon us.

2012, especially, is a prime construction season as housing starts have been delayed for years and months as demand hasn’t been at the levels it has in the past, and, since the weather has been very poor lately, that also delayed construction on housing. Now that the stars are aligned with housing demand and improved weather, more and more construction sites will emerge.

As sites begin to emerge in various Portland-metro neighborhoods, there will be a major need to keep all sites clean from dust, grime and dirt, clear from unused wood scraps, glass, metal and vehicles, and safe for all construction workers and anyone visiting the property.

Many of us have driven by construction sites that look like a bomb went off inside. Generally speaking, construction sites are typically unorganized and appear to be unsafe for the regular civilian. Having an unsafe construction site can be very risky when considering what impact it could have have on construction workers, contractors and guests who visit the work site.

Builders and project managers should consider the impact an unsafe, unclean and unclear work site can have on the construction project — 1) Someone can get hurt, thus driving up workers’ compensation insurance premiums or potentially being slapped with a lawsuit and, 2) Potential buyers may not look past the curb appeal that a poorly maintained construction site provides.

Local cleaning firms in Portland, Oregon can proactively clean construction sites throughout the construction project or after the fact. It’s one simple way to guarantee that a construction site stays clean, clear and safe.