Man Who Has the Flu is SneezingAccording to an article by Denise Mann, 35% of workers felt pressure to go to work even when they had the flu. This is a startling number when considering the loss of productivity if it spreads throughout the office. Although the flu hardly seems impossible to avoid, there are several things business leaders can do to make sure the effects of the flu don’t linger in the office.

Send Employees Home
In the same study as above,  60% of people felt like their work wouldn’t get done and 25% said they couldn’t afford to miss work. If these are the main reasons why employees show up with the flu offer back up coverage or a flexible schedule and send the sick employee home immediately.

Community kitchens, restrooms and doors are great places for germs and bacteria to live. Make sure to wipe everything down regularly to make sure the germs and bacteria aren’t lingering around the office.

Hire a Cleaning Company
During the times when the flu is going around, it makes sense to bring in an office cleaning company at the conclusion of each work day. Much like disinfecting and wiping highly-used areas down regularly, a commercial cleaning company can help keep the office clean and clear of germs.