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Companies that work in the Janitorial space don’t look for recognition in their work. In fact, the best indication that we are doing a good job is not hearing anything from client.¬†Most office workers have experienced working a having phone calls interrupted by vacuums and working around cleaning staff. It’s not fun.

At Myles O’Donnell, we’ve been providing Janitorial Services to the Portland Metro area since 1949. Throughout that time, we’ve had a lot of client feedback and been able to learn from our client base what works best for them. There isn’t a one-size fits all formula, we clean Portland Office Complexes and retail spaces, provide cleaning and floor waxing services to Warehouses and Showrooms; each type of facility having different traffic patterns and operating hours. However, our main goal, if it’s possible is to strive to work when your staff don’t work; and be respectful if staff when we work among your staff. We work in the background, aiming to be unseen and unheard. Our staff take pride in making sure your staff can come to work and not worry about working in a clean environment. We just take care of it. Almost like magic.

It’s important too that our staff are discrete. Many times, things are written on white-boards or left out on desks which frankly are none of our business. We make sure our staff see it that way too.

Of course, we’re not perfect, we’re still learning; but we proactively seek client feedback to see where we can improve. And… we implement changes based on any recommendations and feedback we receive. If you’re still working around your Janitorial Service, talk to them. Many companies don’t proactively ask for feedback, but it doesn’t mean you should ignore little wrinkles that could easily be ironed out. Most likely they may be unaware that small changes in when they clean or how they structure their work in your facility might make for a happier working relationship all around.