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I am sure there are things about our cleaning service that set us apart from other Portland Janitorial Services firms, however, I am even more sure that the way we respond to any issues that crop up is heads and shoulders above those I compete with.

This got me thinking, is listening and responding to clients an out-dated thing? Or do many companies not realize how vital this is to their longer term success? What happens when a client expresses frustration with a service… Do companies go away and regroup to think how they might address the concern, or do they walk away on a wing and a prayer being grateful they have not lost a client (today) but not motivated to truly address root concerns leaving that client with an open door to walk through down the road when their issue is left unaddressed?.

Business owners wear many hats.  Often, everything from hiring, scheduling, managing cash-flow, sales, marketing, employee management sits squarely on the shoulder of the business owner.  Issues which crop up from time to time may just not as urgent as dealing with getting an employee to cover for another who is out sick to fulfill a contract, closing a new contract, or just getting something off the desk that you intended to complete a while back. The “issue” can be dealt with tomorrow, right? Except in the world of the business owner, tomorrow comes with it’s new set of issues and problems and that’s guaranteed.  So, really, we think the time to address an issue is Right. Now.

At Myles O’Donnell, we’re good at what we do. Our staff are well trained to clean efficiently and respectfully, we use good products, and managers check our staff’s work. But, many other Portland Janitorial Services firms are good at cleaning. Our difference… for as good as we are at cleaning, we are better at addressing issues. We listen AND respond. No procrastination. We respond and we respond both verbally and through corrective action. I’m personally contactable by clients through my cell phone pretty much 24/7. This fact alone has given us more word of mouth referrals, saved client relationships and earned us raving online reviews. We think, maybe this trait is something worth duplicating in every business.