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It’s safe to assume no one was prepared for COVID-19 to hang around this long. Beginning in March, many assumed the pending warmer weather was going to fight off the pandemic. However, extended sunny days and the need to get away from a year of turmoil brought people out of the safety of their locked-down homes and the germs spread.  

The virus is still here, but employees have returned to the office. And with the temperatures dropping again as fall arrives and winter is on the way, it’s time to think about protecting employees whose cold weather triggered runny noses and sneezing don’t mix well with shared common areas. 

Restroom Sanitation

Let’s start with the biggest hurdle to keeping employees safe from illness and germs. The most “intimate” room in the office, the restroom is a place where bacteria can thrive. Consider these common cleaning tasks to determine if you are adequately preventing the spread of potentially harmful bacteria:

  • Disinfect and sterilize
  • Grime and stain removal
  • Restocking of restroom supplies
  • Trash and debris cleanup

That’s a lot of work! Luckily there are professionals prepared to eliminate 99.9% of harmful bacteria. Take a look at how we handle COVID-19 and all other pathogens. In the meantime, use cleaner for the sinks, all handles, and even the floors!

Breakroom Cleanup

The obvious spots here are the countertops, the sink, and tables and chairs. But what about the fridge, and cabinet shelves? It’s true that bacteria tend to stick to handles and other places the hands commonly touch, but bacteria aren’t super picky. Germs can also become airborne and land inside cabinets and inside the company fridge. Did you know there are non-toxic cleaners that can remove harmful germs from these areas too? Contact us for an explanation and examples.

Around the Office

Any business owner knows that morale must remain high for an office to be productive. While employees are watching the news and seeing that COVID-19 cases are on the rise, they could find comfort in seeing a professional cleaning crew around the office, reaching places the standard vacuum, window spray, and Swiffer can’t reach. 

We also offer a fogger service that neutralizes COVID-19 and all other pathogens. HOCL (Hypochlorous Acid) is an all-natural disinfectant that has been used for decades in Food facilities, Hospitals, Airlines, Cruise ships, etc. HOCL fog permeates all areas, soft surfaces, behind obstacles, and in the air itself and kills 99.999% of bacteria, viruses, and pathogens including COVID-19 on contact and is 100% residue-free. 

The fogger is set up while employees are away from the office, and the entire process is painless for the office manager and staff. Ask us how it works!


In the most commonly used area of your office, you can prevent the spread of germs carried to the rest of the building by removing harmful bacteria with professional cleaning services. Myles O’Donnell & Company offers environmentally friendly products to effectively sanitize your workplace restroom while avoiding toxic chemicals.

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