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Many companies use a nighttime janitorial service to insure that the cleaning of their offices or buildings does not impact the business of the work day. But, do you know who cleans your offices or building at night? It’s often something you don’t think about, but you might never meet the actual cleaning crew (and even if you do)….so how can you be sure that the people working around your business when you are not there to supervise are trustworthy. Your nighttime cleaning crew is often left unattended around critical business assets, as well as the personal belongings of staff that is left in desk drawers or on desks each day.  Here are three tips to ensure peace of mind about the identity of the people providing your nighttime janitorial service.

  1. We recommend you ask your janitorial company to disclose if they outsource any of their contracts.  If so, it’s not necessarily break a deal, but it does mean you should check out the reputation of the company they subcontract to verifying things like how long they have been in business, insurance, certifications and capabilities.
  2. You should know the names of nighttime janitorial personnel.
  3. Make sure your janitorial company runs background checks on all team members (and is willing to provide documentation to that effect upon demand).
  4. It’s important that the company servicing your building is fully bonded and insured. You never know when an accident might happen.

A commercial janitorial company should be a partner that you can trust. If you ever have questions about the work being performed, the quality of the work, or who is performing the work, contact the company and query it. Any reputable company will be happy to get these issues addressed.