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Cleaning can reduce the risk of office hazards

Most think of a hazard as a tangible object or area that can be a harm to a person in the vicinity. What about hazards that aren’t so obvious, such as bacteria? A basic example is an unclean restroom sink and counter-top. With neglect of cleaning comes grunge, dust and worse… germs and bacteria.

Sure, certain objects can be harmful and should be looked as as a true hazard, but that doesn’t mean all attention should be turned away from something that can be systemically worse to the entire office, such as bacteria from a lack of cleaning.

To rid an office of bacteria, allergens and germs, keep a regular cleaning schedule, and if it’s needed, hire a local cleaning company to do the deep cleaning. Keeping an office clean can ultimately mitigate the risk of employees and customers contracting an illness from the exposure of germs and bacteria.

Think of it this way, office cleaning is just another workplace safety initiative.


 Image courtesy of Flickr / mandolux