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Office holiday parties are a great way to show your staff how much you appreciate all their hard work this year and get them excited about starting the new year on your team.

While celebrating with your favorite coworkers, everyone is able to relax and have fun without being stuck in meetings or working on office projects. After the party ends, though, you may have a big a mess to clean up. Depending on how big the party gets, you can either take care of the office clean-up yourself or hire professionals to take care of the post-party mess for you.

If you prefer to clean up on your own, you’re welcome to use our list to help ensure you return to work in the new year with your office ready to get back to work.

Before the Party Begins – 

Make sure that your space is ready to party, and faster to clean up with these tips.

  • Place large easily accessible trash and recycling cans in common areas.
  • Use mats to protect carpeting from stains, or plan your party in a carpet free area.
  • Use disposable tablecloths or disinfectant and sanitizing wipes to quickly pick up any bits of food, and wipe down tables and door handles.

Office Cleaning Checklist

Consider asking people in advance (like a clean up committee) to stay a little after the party and help clean up; or return the next day with a pizza and the committee to put the office right. This helps ensure that no one person gets stuck with all the clean up tasks and that it’s a fun experience people don’t mind helping with.

  • Pick up large pieces of trash. Send a few people through the room with trash bags, to grab items like paper plates, cups, party hats, and any other disposable party items.
  • Take down holiday decorations. The more decorations you keep the less you’ll need for next year, so consider getting a tote and saving them for future holiday parties. Store the pieces you’d like to keep in a large container, and throw out all other decorations that are disposable or got messed up during the festivities.
  • Sanitize all surfaces. Use disinfectant and sanitizing wipes to clean tables, chairs, shelves and all other surfaces around the office. Make sure you use a good quality product that actually cleans and doesn’t leave streaks.
  • Spot clean stains and spills. Party fowl spill? Try to clean it up right away (especially on carpet). The faster you act, the more likely you can get rid of the stain before it sets. But if you do still end up with spots and stains we can help with commercial carpet cleaning.
  • Mop hard floor and tile areas. Make sure that you clean the floors so they are not left sticky when you return in the new year. Nothing is worse than having your feet stick and leaving dirt and debris all over your hard floors.
  • Vacuum carpets. Pick up any large debris and then vacuum the rest to ensure you keep out ants and don’t leave crumbs left on the ground. Also consider vacuuming the window sills, baseboards, and chairs if necessary.
  • Clean the bathroom. If you are responsible for caring for your own staff bathroom, be sure to deeply clean after a party. Sanitize/disinfect toilets, doors, sinks and appliances. Lastly, refill toilet paper, paper towel rolls and soap dispensers so it’s ready for the employees’ return after the holiday break.

If your office party is going to be a massive event, you may want to consider bringing in professional cleaners to help get the job done quickly. Our experts can easily manage even the biggest holiday party clean ups so that you start off the new year looking like the professionals you are.

As a matter a fact the end of the year is actually the perfect time to schedule a Commercial Floor Cleaning and Floor Care. That way when your staff or potential clients enter your office in 2019 they are inspired to take action in the new year.

Visit our website or call 503-653-5760 to learn more about our commercial janitorial services and how we can help your business stay clean and run more smoothly in 2019.