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Current human resource leaders are doing everything they can to keep employees engaged and to keep office morale at a high level. Most business leaders have probably heard all the regular tactics, such as office parties, recognition, rewards and flexible work schedules; however, our best guess is that most haven’t thought about the impact cleaning can have on morale.

Examined further, office cleaning seems like a simple, everyday chore that every workplace must do. But let’s look at it the other way. Say a company doesn’t take any pride in keeping a clean and organized office, what do you think the general feeling in the company would be? Dull, glum, gloomy, tired, irritated—at least those are the words that come to mind when I think of a poorly taken care of office. From an employee’s point of view: if an owner cannot take care of the office, how will they handle the health of the business, and subsequently, their employees? The odds don’t seem very good.

A leadership team that prides itself on a clean and workable office would put a plan in place for keeping the office clean, organized and free of bacteria. When customers visit they notice a great looking building, and when employees are in the office they feel productive, because their world is simplified and organized. Not only would this have a profound impact on morale, but it should also have a positive impact on the bottom line.

To get a morale boost from having a clean office, here are some ways to launch a formal cleaning program:

  • Hire a janitorial company to clean on a regular schedule
  • Utilize employees to clean specific areas of the office, including:
    • Their own workstations
    • Restrooms
    • Common areas
    • Lobby

It is still recommended that offices hire janitorial companies for deep cleaning, like carpet shampooing or floor waxing. The right tools, products and expertise may be difficult to obtain in-house, and it may be more cost-effective to use a third-party over the long-run.