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You may have been seeing a lot of headlines about the phenomenon of quiet quitting. In short, employees no longer want to go above and beyond their assigned duties if they will not be paid for those efforts. Gone are the days when employees wanted to put in extra time in the hopes of being recognized as a hard worker and benefitting from raises and promotions. Today’s worker is more apt to feel taken advantage of if extra work does not bring extra pay. There are legitimate gripes from either side of the argument about quiet quitting, but it leaves businesses wondering if the job they need done, will get done. 

It’s a new world from when we opened our doors in 1949, but that passion for commercial cleaning that Myles O’Donnell honed while working as a janitor is still very much a part of our business, and that need for full-service commercial cleaning remains. 

At Myles O’Donnell & Company, we want to assure you if we are hired to clean your place of business, it will be cleaned top to bottom to your specifications. We can offer this assurance because we know our teams, many of whom have been with us for years. They take pride in their work and will go above and beyond if needed to ensure you will return to a sparkling space. 

How do we know this? To start, we pay our employees well so no one feels their hard work is not properly rewarded. A job with Myles O’Donnell & Company also offers flexibility with varying shifts available to allow employees to live their lives fully outside of work. Kids to take care of, going to school part-time, alternating shifts with a spouse? Our employees may have any or all of these situations in their lives and working for us allows them to have an income and still have time for themselves and their families. 

While we do carefully screen our employees up front, once they join our team they are like family and we fully trust them to be professional and clean each space to the best of their ability. To help, we also make sure they have all the tools and products they need to get the job done. 

No one wants to worry about quiet quitting. Not employers, employees, or clients. When you pay for a service, you deserve to receive what you’ve requested. Myles O’Donnell & Co. is a third-generation, family-owned and operated company and with our name on every job, you can be sure we care about your facility as if it were our own. Whether you have a need for a one-time deep cleaning or are looking for a longer-term contract to handle all of your janitorial needs, we can offer solutions. Contact us to find out how we can give you the clean, germ-free, and shining space that you desire.