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As the gray skies clear, the days get longer, and the sun shines a bit brighter, Oregonians want to soak up the good weather as much as possible. While we all wish we could just spend days outdoors, for those with office jobs or who tend a storefront that just isn’t practical. You may not want your employees to spend time looking longingly out the windows and basking cat-like in the warmth of the sunbeams coming in through the windows. But you want them to enjoy the changing of the seasons too; sunshine and warm weather are good for company morale.

Customers Come First

Even if you don’t want to encourage employees to look outside and daydream, you certainly don’t want your customers peering into your storefront through clouded glass. What would restaurant patrons imagine your kitchen looks like if the windows they look through to take in your great view are streaked with dirt? Imagine if a potential client walks up to your building and is greeted by windows covered in messes left by migrating birds?  Dirty windows do not make a good first impression.

That’s why you should call in the experts to give those windows the cleaning they need so everyone can see more clearly and the light can shine in brilliantly.

Leave it to the Experts

For anyone who has tried to clean their windows with a blue glass cleaner and paper towels or newspaper and vinegar, you know getting a streak-free shine is next to impossible. Sure you can follow the online tips for what to use and clean in one direction on the inside and another on the outside so you know which side remaining streaks are on, but it never seems like anything works perfectly. 

Leave the cleaning to professionals and leave behind your frustrations. Myles O’Donnell & Company has a crew of trained window washers who use our eco-friendly cleaning products and professional equipment to make your windows sparkle. Window cleaning can be a standalone service, maybe a part of your annual deep spring and fall cleaning, or we can add window cleaning to your regular janitorial service. Especially if you live in an urban area, cleaning windows more often is important to keep down the layers of grime that a city can toss out. 

We’ll Work With Your Schedule

We will work with you to find the least intrusive way to clean your windows while not disrupting the regular ebb and flow of your workday. Window washers are a sure way to cause a distraction to your employees and forget about it if your business is something like a daycare or school. You will be hard-pressed to get back the attention of the kids if someone is outside the window. 

From a customer perspective, you don’t want someone who is coming through your entrance to have to stand back and wait while a squeegee is pushed across your glass front door. And restaurant patrons don’t want a hungry window washer outside the window drooling over their burger. We’ll work to find the perfect way and time to keep your business running as usual. 


At Myles O’Donnell we have years of experience in all sorts of cleaning and windows are no exception. Contact us to get a quote for window cleaning to talk to us about adding this service to your existing janitorial service. We’ll help you, your customers, and your employees see clearly.