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Offices are open again and the bustle inside buildings has returned. As the weather warms and commuters turn to cycling to work, or lunchtime runs and walks, the restrooms at your business may be busier than they have been in years. Now is the time to do a deep dive into combatting grime and preventing things like mold and mildew with a comprehensive cleaning followed by scheduling regular visits by a professional cleaning team. No matter how often you want professional cleaning, Myles O’Donnell & Co. can meet your needs with our risk-free month-to-month contract options. 

Restrooms are traditionally the grimiest and germiest rooms in any business, but the state of these spaces is what your employees and customers will use to judge how well you run your business. It’s true. If your bathrooms are a mess, the assumption will be that either you don’t care about your people, or that your entire business must be a mess too. This judgment seems a bit unfair as there isn’t really a way to reduce the heavy use of bathrooms. But just because germs and dirt accumulate in a restroom, doesn’t mean they have to stay put. It’s your reputation on the line! 

This is where working with Myles O’Donnell & Co. can really pay off. Where traditional cleaning tools often don’t eliminate the germs but simply spread them around, our products will effectively sanitize every surface. Sanitation is critical since bacteria and viruses that lurk in the restroom can spread throughout a building causing illness and infection. For a really germ-free space, consider our HOCL fogging for your offices. Approved by the FDA, USDA, and EPA for use even in food manufacturing, this fog is 100% residue-free making it safe to touch and breathe. That means there is no downtime for your operations.  

While we would love you to work with us, we understand each cleaning need is unique and choosing a company to keep your office clean is a personal decision that requires some thorough questions. As you are checking out commercial cleaning and janitorial services, here are key things to ask: 

1) Find out if the company charges by the service or an ongoing retainer and how frequently they recommend your office should be cleaned. 

2) Ask what type of products they use and what cleaning services are included. Many businesses want to avoid toxic chemicals in the workplace. 

3) Ask for references. Any company with a successful track record will be able to point to loyal customers. 

We, of course, recommend the Myles O’Donnell & Co. team for your cleaning needs. We will use our environmentally-friendly products to clean up grime, remove stains, sanitize, and disinfect. And while we’re there, we’ll be sure to clean up debris, take out the trash, and restock all those restroom supplies. From mopping the floor to making the mirrors shine, we’ll ensure your employees will spend time in the locker room talking about their great ride into the office and not the slimy shower floor or stray hair in the sink. Contact us to request a quote and schedule regular cleaning for your office. We offer month-to-month contracts so you can give us a try without having to lock in for a year.