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Commercial RestroomHave you ever walked into a restroom at a place of business and thought to yourself, “Really?” Let’s face it, some businesses don’t take pride in keeping their restroom area looking and smelling great for their employees and customers; this doesn’t mean that you should take the same approach.

As silly as it sounds, a great looking restroom can leave a positive, lasting impression on a customer. Conversely, being on the other side of that equation could mean loss of customers or a poor reputation. You think, “But it’s just a restroom!” Well, yes, that’s true, but think how uncomfortable a terrible looking restroom makes people feel.

If you are the type of business manager that wants a great looking restroom, here is a simple checklist that can keep it looking great:

Stock Restroom Supplies

Hand soap, toilet paper, paper towels and seat covers are a few items that need to be replenished daily. Forget about these items and you may leave customers unhappy.

Empty Trash

Nothing is worse than a trash bin overflowing. Especially with a lot of traffic throughout the day, consider checking and emptying the trash multiple times a day if needed.

Clean Sinks

A great place for bacteria to build up is the restroom sink. Clean these daily to reduce risk of bacteria and to keep it looking shiny for customers.

Clean Toilets

Urinals and toilets get a lot of use throughout the day, especially with a lot of traffic. For obvious reasons, clean these daily.

Clean Restroom Stalls & Walls

Nothing is worse than a poor looking landscape. Although these probably don’t need to be cleaned daily, restroom stalls and walls should be wiped down at least weekly.

Mop Floor

Sad to say, but some “people” (we are looking at you guys) miss their target. To prevent long-term damage to tile, wood or linoleum, consider moping the floors daily or a few times a week.

Daily restroom cleaning can be difficult to handle on your own if you don’t have the resources. If you do have the resources, consider have a staff member check on the restroom a few times a day. If you don’t have the internal resources, consider hiring a janitorial services company in your local area to clean restrooms on a daily basis.

Image courtesy of Flickr / Greg