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You have heard us beat the drum many times before: regular cleaning is the most effective way to keep a clean and hazard-free workplace. However, there are areas of the office or building that remain less than optimal, even though you can’t always see it, and it requires a special deep-clean in order to get this type of mess.

For most of us, in our homes, we clean seasonally. For example, we typically deep clean for Thanksgiving and Christmas, spring-time, and when the kids go back to school. So why would a workplace be any different? The daily maintenance is great, and very necessary; however, it takes a special deep cleaning to get rid of the dirt deep in the carpets and the bacteria looming in the restrooms.

Whether your business uses a janitorial services company or internal staff for the daily cleaning, it might make sense to plan seasonal cleaning sessions three to four times a year. Companies who have the supplies and staff available, we say go for it! Otherwise, hiring a janitorial service company for a one-time cleaning can be very helpful to everyone in the organization, and its customers.

Just like a business leader would create a business plan, there should also be a cleaning plan and schedule. Start by putting two days on the calendar during the year that are dedicated to deep cleaning and organizing the office. Add a third and fourth when it becomes manageable.


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