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cleaning cart next to restroomsThe title of this post is an honest question and one that leaders may want to consider: should businesses require employees to clean their facility? General managers and small business owners may find it hard to justify utilizing scarce resources to do cleaning tasks that, well, in a sense, aren’t valuable to business operations. Not to say keeping the facility organized and presentable to customers isn’t important, but it’s non-revenue generating, and a business leader may think twice before having its highly-valued employees vacuuming or washing windows.

Therefore, general managers should do an analysis of the following:

  • What are the daily, weekly and monthly cleaning tasks that must take place?
  • What will it cost to have my employees dedicate time to cleaning during regular hours?
  • What will it cost to have a local cleaning company handle the day-to-day janitorial on off hours?

These are important questions to analyze and review on a regular basis. Resources are limited, so find out how to use them wisely and benefit the organization.

Image courtesy of Flickr / asurroca