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Spring cleaning doesn’t just apply to your home!

During the winter months, most of us become office dwellers, which means there is more foot traffic around the office, leaving dirt grime and more messes to clean up.

Spring-time is a great opportunity for a refresh in the office, perhaps re-energizing people in the workplace due to an organized office.

Here are the spots in your office you should consider cleaning and organizing this spring:


As the sun begins poking through, into the office, streaks of dust and smudges become obvious. Not only should you consider washing the interior of windows, consider washing the exterior as well. Be careful, as washing exterior windows may be dangerous if it is a multi-level building. Consider hiring a janitorial service company for this.


Sure, carpets are regularly vacuumed; but what about shampooing the carpets? Doing so will remove most of the dirt deep in the carpet. It will give it a nice, new smell and keep the carpets appealing to customers.

Trash and Recycling

If trash fills up quickly from cans, bottles, etc. now may be the time to create an organized trash and recycling system that separates trash from cans, cardboard, plastic and glass. Not only is it good for the environment, it keeps the office organized…much more organized!

Filing System

Everything is moving electronically. Perhaps it’s time to start saving electronic files and scanning hard copy documents in order to create an e-filing system. As hard copy documents pile up, workplaces tend to order more filing cabinets for the office, leaving less room for furniture or empty space. This can make the office always appear cluttered, leaving a lack of organization. Creating a filing system may be challenging to do all at once, but this spring will be a good time to begin the gradual move to electronic files!

Spring is the perfect time to give your business the cleaning that it needs to start the new season off right!