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Well, spring weather is officially here, and while the daffodils are showing their pretty yellow blooms; customers are tracking in even more muddy wet puddles to your business!

When we have bad weather maintaining a clean and presentable front can seem more challenging than when it’s sunny and dry (although of course, the summer brings us dust so it’s not all bright skies and sunshine). Still, the impact that wet foot traffic can have on the life of the carpet and hard floor surfaces, is significant, if you don’t take care.

Fortunately, with a good cleaning schedule, and a little preventative care you can keep your spaces sparkling all year round.

For Prevention

Adding larger mud and water absorbing mats which can easily be switched out is a relatively low cost, low maintenance easy fix. Mats take the worst of the water and muddy “slosh” off footwear before it hits the main part of your flooring. A larger mat allows more of this to be captured before the offending boot or shoe steps on your floor.

Sealing hard flooring before the season will help protect them before the worst of the weather hits, and for carpeted floors, a thorough clean with stain protection will add a level of protection too.

For Maintenance

When winter weather hits, it’s best to prepare staff that they may need to step in “on the spot” to mop up wetter floors (this is a safety concern too) and watch out for conditions of flooring areas. In summer, it’s certainly easier to sit back and wait for your scheduled janitor to make the space sparkle, but in winter things can deteriorate quickly and everyone has to do their part!

However, you decide to handle the weather, at least the daffodils promise warmer weather around the corner.