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Sustainability Focus

Working in Portland, we work with a variety of businesses every day who are concerned with minimizing the impact of their operation on the environment. At Myles O’Donnell, we understand our ongoing responsibility to reduce consumption of water, chemicals, waste and energy. We are committed to reducing our impact on the environment and we are glad to assist the efforts of our customers to do the same.

Supporting Our Customers

At customer sites we adapt to the customer’s specific programs and requirements. In Portland, we see a growing number of Silver, Gold, and Platinum LEED buildings, which require a special approach to cleaning. Aside from these, many clients request environmentally friendly, “green cleaning products” and we are happy to educate clients on the options available.

Our standard cleaning practices at any site includes the use of supplies and equipment that reduce water and energy use, the use of harsh chemicals, and filter common pollutants. Typically when looking to clean with a focus green, you remove aerosols from the equation. Aerosols contain propellants which may damage the environment, so they are an easy thing to replace. Natural Cleaning products often utilize soy or other vegetable matter as an active cleaning ingredient. Disinfecting can be more tricky, with steam or citrus being the modes of choice, but both have their challenges.

Each customer has their own perspectives and programs for their sustainability effort; and Myles O’Donnell is ready to support you.

Some customers want more and we adapt to and fully support each customer’s unique requirements. We specialize in challenging environments. These may include the use of special filtration equipment, composting and diversion programs, use of electronic on-site carts, or use of special cleaning practices and equipment for clean-rooms, labs, data centers, and other special-use areas.

Continuing Improvements

We continually make significant improvements in our environmental performance, support environmental projects and educate and support employees who choose to take further personal action to reduce their impact, such as use of public transit or biking to work.

We know sustainability is a long term program. It doesn’t end with installing low energy bulbs or recycling paper. It is a process that will continue to evolve as we grow and the world changes. We know we can do better, but we are proud of the progress we’ve made.