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The end of this year’s seemingly extra long rainy season is here. The good news is all that water falling from the skies has soaked the ground to help keep wildfires away. The bad news is, all that rain may have left the outside of your building, mildewed, moss-covered, and water-streaked. Time to pull out the big guns, pressure wash guns that is, to erase those remnants of winter. Myles O’Donnell & Co. offers complete outdoor cleaning services and we’ll provide a free estimate upfront so there are no surprises. 

We begin at the top of your building, focusing on the roof, gutters, and downspouts. Roofs take special care because you don’t want water to be accidentally jetted under shingles. That’s a sure way to damage shingles and encourage future leaks! Instead, we sweep away the moss that we can and follow with low-pressure cleaning to tackle any stubborn leftovers. We also apply a treatment to keep future moss growth to a minimum.  

We also take special care with gutters and downspouts since neglecting this system can cause damage to your building. We’re lucky in the Northwest to have plenty of trees, but all that greenery means more debris can build up in your gutters. If left unattended, gutters and downspouts can become clogged and the debris can begin to rot and become moldy. That moldy mess is an inviting buffet for bugs putting them just a wall away from the inside of your building. Any blockage in your gutters also leaves rainwater nowhere to go but over the edge where a constant flow can weaken shingles and siding. Did you know that 90% of residential water intrusion is caused by clogged or compromised gutters? In short, cleaning gutters and downspouts, at least twice a year, is essential and we can help. 

Next, we tackle pressure washing of the full exterior. Rain, snow, wind, and bird droppings can turn a building into an eyesore. If left unwashed, mold and algae can appear and the combination of these elements can begin to compromise the structure of the building. Have you ever seen weeds sprouting from between bricks, stones, or even siding on a building? Don’t let that happen to you. We wash away dirt and grime from walls to sidewalks and zap any moss and algae to help prevent future growth. 

The final touch that leaves your building sparkling is a thorough cleaning of your windows and glass front doors. The windows and doors to your business are often the first things that customers see and notice, so making sure they shine helps boost that first impression. Our window cleaners are professionals who will take the time to properly clean your glass and leave behind no streaks or spots. If you’ve ever tried to clean windows yourself, you understand how challenging it is to leave them clear and shiny. Let our professionals do the work and you can enjoy the benefits. 

When you’re ready to wash away winter, and even spring, give us a call. We can schedule a time to do a thorough exterior cleaning and even arrange a regular schedule so the big outdoor clean will happen without you giving it a second thought.